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APTRON Gurgaon delivers extensive SAS 6 Months 6 Weeks industrial training with live project in Gurgaon. Students are required to submit live-project appearing in their 1st, 2nd, 3rd or last semester or graduating from CS/ BCA/ MCA/ BE/ EE/ ME/ ECE/ B.Tech or any other I.T course. We are listed in top ten SAS 6 months 6 weeks industrial training institutes in Gurgaon offering a complete job-oriented coaching to the students. Our lab, I.T infrastructure, and expert trainers are well equipped with details to coach students in various domains. The domains on which our trainers have mastered themselves are Oracle, MySQL, SAP, Java, .Net, PHP, Cloud Computing, Robotics, Cisco courses, Website Development, Ethical Hacking, Mobile App Development, Programming, Software Development, Networking, etc. APTRON Gurgaon provides industrial training on 300+ technology domains seeking an affordable course fee, and offering a flexible schedule for course duration to the students.

Our trainers are industry-working professionals designated as trainers in APTRON Gurgaon. These working professionals are more focused on imparting and sharing their experience with the students. They develop practical modules and decision making realistic situation for the students to skill them on know-how techniques to resolve the real-industry challenges.

Trainers believe that technology can be practiced not learned. We have setup a fully equipped lab, and smart classrooms to provide a decent learning environment to the participants. Also, we keep our lab open 365 days in a year supported with online mentoring. Aspirants enrolled to SAS 6 months 6 weeks industrial training and certification in Gurgaon get ample of facilities to explore, learn, and discover new scope in the subject.

Why APTRON Gurgaon suggested for SAS 6 months 6 weeks industrial training? :
  • The whole building is under CCTV surveillance that ensure security for both the genders.
  • Wi-Fi enabled classrooms, bays, floors and lab so that students can access devices and practice from any location in the APTRON Gurgaon building..
  • Fully equipped I.I lab loaded with all versions of routers, switches, servers’ versions, server hardware, networking devices, robotics instruments and other tools.
  • Our SAS 6 months 6 weeks training methods are designed in way that adds experience to the students. Hands-on experience, know-how techniques and decision making capacities are enhanced during the SAS 6 months 6 weeks industrial training in Gurgaon.
  • Students find a complete development program after training and certification in Gurgaon. To groom the candidates completely, we provide no cost session on personality development, and presentation skills at interview.
SAS Industrial Training Fee and Duration
Track Regular Track Weekend Track Fast Track
Course Duration 45 - 60 Days 8 Weekends 5 Days
Hours 2 hours a day 3 hours a day 6+ hours a day
Training Mode Live Classroom Live Classroom Live Classroom

APTRON's Project based 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS Covers the Following Modules

Industrial Training in SAS is a modular 6 months course, regularized over 5 days a week, 2 hrs a day, and exclusively includes practical sessions. The course curriculum of Industrial Training in SAS comprises:

    Module 01: SAS Data Warehousing Concepts

  • BASE SAS Introduction
  • An Overview of the SAS System
  • SAS Tasks
  • Output produced by the SAS System
  • SAS Tools (SAS Program - Data step and Proc step)
  • A sample SAS program
  • Exploring SAS Windowing Environment Navigation
  • Module 02: Data Access & Data Management

  • SAS Data Libraries
  • Rules for Writing SAS Programs / Statements, Dataset Variable Name Getting familiar with SAS Dataset
  • Data portion of the SAS Dataset
  • Rules for writing Dataset names / Variable names
  • Attributes of a Variable (Numeric / Character) options
  • System Options (nodate, linesize, pagesize, pageno etc)
  • Input Buffer
  • Program data vector (PDV)
  • Module 03: Datalines or cards Data Transformations

  • SAS Date Values
  • Length Statement
  • Creating multiple output SAS datasets from singe input SAS dataset
  • Conditionally writing observations to one or more SAS datasets
  • The Data Statement_Null_
  • The_N_Automatic Variable
  • Creating Subset of observations
  • DO WHILE Statement
  • DO UNTIL Statement
  • Iterative DO loop Processing
  • Where Statement OR Where Condition (dataset)
  • Deciding whether to use a Where statement or Subsetting IF statement
  • Multiple BY variables
  • DATASETS Procedure ( To modify the Variable name/lable/format/informat)
  • The DELETE Statement
  • The SUM Statement
  • The RENAME = Data Set option
  • Combining SAS Datasets
  • Concatenating SAS Data Sets Using SET statement in DATA Step
  • Inter Leaving SAS Data Sets
  • Merging SAS Data Sets
  • Match-Merge
  • Using Merge Statement
  • THE IN = Data Set option
  • One-to-Many Merging
  • Many-to-Many Merging
  • Module 04: Reading Raw Data From External File ( INFILE & INPUT Statement )

  • Introduction to Raw Data
  • Factors considered to examine the raw data
  • Reading Unaligned Data (List Input)
  • Reading Data Aligned to Columns (Column Input)
  • Reading Data that requires Special Instructions (Formatted Input)
  • Relative- Column pointer control (+)
  • Absolute - Column pointer control (@)
  • Mixed Style Input ( Mixing List, Input. Formatted Input styles in one INPUT Staement)
  • Using colon (:) modifier to specify an informat in the INPUT Statement )
  • Recognize delimiter in the raw data file (Using DLM= option in INFILE Statement
  • Missing data at the end of row (Using MISSOVER option in INFILE statement )
  • Missing values without placeholders (DSD option in INFILE statement)
  • Reading a raw data file with multiple records per observation(Column pointer controls)
  • Method1: Using Multiple INPUT statement
  • Method2: Using Line Pointer Control (/)
  • Reading Variables from multiple records in any order (#n)
  • Line Hold Specifies in INPUT statement
  • The Single Trailing @
  • The Double Trailing @@ ( Multiple Observations per Record)
  • Methods of Control in INFILE statement
  • Writing to an External File (FILE & PUT Statement )
  • Reading Excel Spreadsheets (IMPORT Wizard / Import Procedure)
  • Module 05: SAS FUNCTIONS

  • Manipulating Character Values
  • Manipulation Numeric Values
  • Manipulating Numeric Values based on DATES
  • Converting Variable Type
  • INPUT ( character-to-numeric)
  • PUT (numeric-to-character)
  • Debugging SAS program (DEBUG Option)
  • SAS Arrays
  • Enhancing Report Output
  • Defining Titles & Footnotes
  • Formatting Data values ( Date, Character & Numeric values )
  • Creating User-Defined Formats (Proc Format)
  • Formats & Informats
  • Module 06: Analysis & Presentation

  • Descriptor portion of the SAS Data Set ( Proc Contents)
  • Producing List Reports (Proc Print)
  • Sequencing and Grouping Observations (Proc Sort)
  • Producing Summary Reports
  • PROC FREQ -(One Way & Two-Way Frequencies)
  • Creating HTML Report
  • Creating Text Reports
  • Creating PDF Reports
  • Creating CSV Files
  • Module 07: SAS Macro Language Introduction to the Macro Facility Purpose of the Macro Facility

  • Generate SAS code using Macros (%Macro & %Mend)
  • Tips on Writing Macro-Based Programs
  • Replacing Text Strings using Macros Variables (%Let)
  • Module 08: MACRO PROGRAMS

  • Defining a Macro (%Macro & %Mend )
  • Macro Compilation
  • Monitoring Macro Compilation (MCOMPILENOTE OPTION)
  • Calling a Macro (%Macro-Name)
  • Macro Execution
  • Monitoring Macro Execution (MLOGIC OPTION)
  • Viewing the generate SAS Code in the Log from Macro Program (MPRINT OPTION)
  • Macro Storage
  • Macro Parameters
  • Macro Parameters Lists
  • Macros with Positional Parameters
  • Macros with Keyword Parameters
  • Arithmetic and logical Operations
  • Conditional Processing
  • % IF expression % THEN text ; %ELSE %TEXT;
  • % IF expression % THEN %DO; %END; %ELSE; %DO;
  • Stored Compiled Macros
  • %INCLUDE Statement
  • Module 09: Macro Processing

  • Tokens
  • Macro Triggers
  • How the Macroprocessor works
  • Module 10: Macro Variables Concepts

  • Displaying Macro Variable Value in the SAS log
  • Automatic Macro Variables
  • System-Defined Macro Variables
  • User-Defined Macro Variable
  • Datatype
  • %LET Statement
  • Global Macro variables
  • Local Macro Variables
  • Deleting User-Defined Macro Variable
  • Macro Functions
  • Character Strings
  • %STR
  • Macro Variable Name Delimiter
  • Module 11: SAS SQL PROCESSING Introduction to the SQL Procedure

  • Terminology
  • Features of PROC SQL
  • Queries
  • Retrieving Data from a table
  • Identify All Rows in a Table
  • Remove Duplicate Rows
  • Sub setting using WHERE clause
  • Sub setting with Calculated Values
  • Enhancing Query Output (LABEL, FORMAT)
  • Grouping Data (Group By)
  • Updating Data values
  • Using Table Alias
  • Creating Views
  • Creating Dropping Indexes
  • Sub Queries
  • Non-Correlated Sub Query
  • Correlated Sub Query
  • Combining Tables
  • Joins
  • Inner Joins
  • Outer Joins
  • Left Join
  • Right Join
  • Full Join
  • Module 12: Set Operators

  • Choosing between Data Step Merges and SQL Joins
  • Module 13: UNIX

  • Introduction to Unix
  • Introduction to UNIX Architecture
  • Understanding UNIX Commands
  • Understanding ID/Groups/Permissions
  • Introduction to Shell Scripting
  • Writing UNIX Programs
  • Understanding VI Editor
  • Introduction to LSF
  • Scheduling SAS Codes through UNIX

6 Months Based Projects List in SAS Technologies

  • An introduction to the SAS operating environment.
  • Modifying existing SAS data sets using set; using loops in the data step; the ttest procedure.
  • Column-wise input; analysis of categorical data using chi-square tests.
  • Updating existing SAS data sets with new data.
  • Basic one factor analysis of variance using proc GLM.
  • Advanced analysis of variance, custom hypothesis tests, and other features of proc GLM.
  • Multivariate analysis of variance using proc GLM.
  • Discriminant analysis with proc discrim.
  • Using arrays, first and last, and processing dates. Repeated measures analysis.
  • Some aspects of frequency domain analysis of time series using proc spectra.
  • SAS global form 2007

Top Reasons to Choose APTRON for 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS Training in Gurgaon

  • Our 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS training in gurgaon adheres to international industry standards.
  • We facilitate students with modern I.T infrastructure and learning environment during the 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS training in gurgaon.
  • Trainers in 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS training classes combine the self-developed practice session module with current syllabus.
  • Being responsible, we provide students 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS course with placement assistance.
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS training in gurgaon is conducted during weekdays and weekends as per participant's needs.
  • Our 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS trainers are analysts, researchers, consultants and managers possessing a decade experience in coaching 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS course in gurgaon.
  • Ultra-modern I.T laboratory equipped with latest infrastructure.
  • Our lab is opened 365 days in a year. Students are facilitated with online mentoring during practice sessions.
  • 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS training classrooms are equipped with projectors, live racks, Wi-Fi, and digital pads.
  • We facilitate students with glass-door study room and discussion zone area (meeting room).
  • No cost training sessions are conducted on personality development, spoken English, group discussion, and mock interview to sharpen the presentation skills.
  • No cost 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS training course materials are provided.
  • Study materials include books, and soft copies of tutorials in the form of PDFs, sample papers, technical and HR interview questions.
  • We also provide hostel facility at Rs.4,500/- a month.
  • Our certificates are globally recognized provided after completion of course.
  • We facilitate students with Extra Time Slots (E.T.S) for doing unlimited practical at no cost..
  • According to the requirements, students can retake the class at no cost.
  • To enhance knowledge of the students, the complex technical concepts are imparted through easy coaching.
  • We accept master and visa cards (Debit & Credit), also payment mode cash, cheque, and Net Banking available.

APTRON Trainer's Profile for 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS Training in Gurgaon

APTRON'S 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS Trainers are:

  • Our trainers are subject specialist who have mastered on 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS technology.
  • Our trainers are have received excellence awards for their dedicated 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS training and coaching.
  • Our trainers are researchers, consultant, and analysts working as an employee in HCL Technologies, Birla-soft, TCS, IBM, Sapient, Agilent Technologies, and so on.
  • Our trainers are single, double and triple certified professionals in the subject.
  • Our trainers have regular coordination with MNCs HR team on daily basis.

Placement Assistance after 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS Training in Gurgaon

APTRON'S Placement Assistance

  • APTRON's Gurgaon division having successful 96% placement rate.
  • APTRON’s 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS training centre in Gurgaon assist students in writing their resume meeting the current industry needs.
  • APTRON’s 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS training institute in Gurgaon sharpens students’ interview skills, provide session on personality development, spoken English, group discussion, mock interview, and presentation.
  • APTRON, the best 6 Months Industrial Training in SAS training institute in Gurgaon assists students in securing placement in top IT firms such as HCL, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Accenture, etc., confidently.

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6 Month Industrial Training in SAS Gurgaon Reviews

Project based 6 Month Industrial Training on SAS in Gurgaon
Reviewed by
Shiv Pratap
APTRON is offering SAS training and placement aid. I was placed instantly after completing the SAS course training. Thanks Shiv Pratap from Gurgaon.

5/5 project based 6 month industrial training on sas in gurgaon
best industrial training on SAS in Gurgaon with live Project
Reviewed by
Devendra Singh
SAS Project based 6 months training facilities in APTRON training is really good. I am happy that I have selected APTRON for my SAS guidance in Gurgaon.

5/5 project based 6 month industrial training on sas in gurgaon
Project based 6 months SAS training Institute in Gurgaon
Reviewed by
Sanjay Rathi
APTRON training offers 6 Months Training on SAS with live project in Gurgaon, if you think for SAS, then join only APTRON training institute.

4/5 project based 6 month industrial training on sas in gurgaon
6 Month SAS training in Gurgaon
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Gaurav Kumar
�APTRON� is the best for project based 6 months training in SAS by Gurgaon Center. APTRON training has finest SAS certification trainers in Gurgaon. I did my SAS placement training in Gurgaon. I will recommend APTRON training for others.

4/5 project based 6 month industrial training on sas in gurgaon
Industrial SAS training Gurgaon
Reviewed by
Manish Nota
Few times back, I have taken SAS certification training class in Gurgaon within couple of days my SAS skills got better.

5/5 project based 6 month industrial training on sas in gurgaon
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